Validator nodes on decentralised hardware

web3 all the way down

It's time to take your web3 node off AWS

Simple pricing

Intuitive interface


ISO-certified data centres

Enterprise-grade SLA

The coherent choice

We use reliable, decentralized infrastructure on the ThreeFold Grid




St. Gallen


Get your node up and running. Fast.

An intuitive interface - finally - for web3 infrastructure.

No hidden charges.

We have one price per node per month - €0.00 - While we're building!

Let us know which other nodes to support

We want to hear from you on which nodes to support next.

The future is local.

Stop sending your data to huge data centers controlled by American companies. Keep it local.


web3 validator nodes on reliable, decentralised architecture.

One price

per node per month


lightning fast deployment,

lowest price out there*,

to maximize your ROI.

*Free?! - While we're building!

Please be aware that we are in beta and are looking for feedback more than we're looking for money at the moment.

Not just bugs...but actual feedback on what you'd want to see. Please email Mike with any and all comments. Once it's a bit more stable we'll put in Trustpilot and start charging 😅.